I ordered the book and supplements and did not receive my supplements. 


As of right now September 30, 2016 Biohacking Secrets does not sell Physical Supplements
the only place an offer is made that mentions supplements is in the 

"The Biohackers Guide to Upgraded Energy and Focus" Ordering Site.

The offer looks similar to:

YES! I Want The Supplement Stack

Exclusive Training - The 15 Supplements I Take EVERYDAY:The top 15 supplements that I can't live without. ==> Click YES
       right now to add this to your order now for just a single payment of just $37! (This offer is not available and ANY other time or place)

I'm sorry for the confusion the Supplement and Water Training is not a physical product it is a training that teaches you how to use supplements and water to be a healthier you.

This training is provided through the Biohacking Secrets Membership site so that you can gain immediate access immediately after your purchase is complete. You are given the chance to create an account in the membership on the Order Confirmation Page as well as via the automated email that goes out right after the order is complete.

To access this training please go to:
and sign up using the same email that you entered into the form when you ordered the product.

However if you feel that you will not utilize this training please reply back and request a refund (within 48 hours of purchase) and i will provide provide a $37.00 refund for the purchase of the Supplements and Water training.